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 Nehha Maheshwari is a gifted intuitive reader and healer. She is Reiki Master Teacher, Lamafera Grandmaster ,Karuna Reiki Grandmaster, Yogmaya Master Teacher, Magnified Healing Master Teacher and much more. She is guiding people with palmistry, rider waite tarot, thot deck, crystal reading, crystal ball gazing, crystal healing, hypnosis, past life regression, astral travel and much more.

She solves problems through crystals, gemstones, mantra, colours, numerology, candles, aromas, healings and courses. She conducts classes and workshops for all above mentioned reading and healing modalities.

Q1. How did your spiritual journey start ?

 My spiritual journey started in my childhood itself. I was very young when I had an inclination towards reading palmistry, tarot and biographies of great spiritualists. Since childhood, I used to intuitively see everyone’s aura or the energy field. It was only after learning tarot I got the understanding of my psychic abilities. The things I used to see were actually because of my clairvoyance which I inherited by birth. After that there was no looking back. I learnt various courses to develop myself spiritually, so that I can use my powers in helping people through readings ,healing, counseling and training.

Q3. what are the various reading techniques you practice ?

 I practice palmistry, tarot, angels, crystals, gazing, theta etc.

Q4. What inspired you to practice healing ?

 after learning reiki I realized that god resides in every part of our existence which we are not aware of. God has blessed us with special powers which we need to harness so that we can overcome our problems. Spiritual healings make us a divine channel through which we can take control of our life.

After Reiki I realised that God has created each of us with special powers, which we aren’t aware of. We keep talking about the various problems in our life which are actually because of our own past karmas from past lives. But God is really great. On one hand he gives us the problems, but on the other hand, he has also given us the powers to overcome them. The struggle of our life is our teaching. It is there to teach us a lesson in life. But if we don’t understand it, it keeps repeating. By healing I help people understand their lessons in life, their aim of taking this birth and also try to motivate them towards spiritualism.

Q5. Tell us about the healing techniques you practice ?

 Various techniques I use are Reiki, Magnified healing, karuna reiki,lamafera ,saropa ,shivanjini, crystals, theta, hypnosis etc.

Q6. what is Lama Fera ?

 Lama Fera is an energy healing system that has been practiced over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries over the Himalayas. It is emanated by Lord Buddha. He redeemed the people from their sorrows and diseases. It is used there for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Q8. What is your Personal Healing Experience ?

 I am healing people with various different problems for last two years. Problems of all levels, such as physical, mental, emotional, psychological, career related, finances etc. gets healed permanently. I have successfully helped victims of child abuse, sexual abuse and bereavement to overcome tragic events and restore their confidence and peace of mind. A few miraculous cases I have healed are removal of fibroids from uterus through psychic healing, organ transplants of permanent organ failure,removal of early cataract, nerves stiffness etc. Transplants I have done are uterus, pancrease, thyroid etc.

Q9. Is it possible to take healing as a career. ?

 Yes, it is possible to take healing as a career. Once you learn different techniques, one can very easily teach and heal others..

Q10. What are the challenges involved while practicing healing ?

 The biggest challenge we face is rejection from the people who are new to this energy field. To make them understand, we counsel them, clear their doubts and confusions.

Q11. How did you manage so much in such small time ?

 I am thankful to god, ascended masters, angels, gurus, family and students for their consistent support and guidance. I want to thank global spiritualist Doreen virtue and vianna stibal whose books have been a source of great knowledge for me.

Q12.What skills do you require to qualify for a healer ?

 To become a good healer, firstly we should have a good command over healing techniques. A regular meditation and diet control is required for a good healer. Also to master the skills, one should also learn about the body mechanism, basic anatomy and physiology which help in a better understanding of any physical problem.

Q13.What skills do you require to qualify for a healer ?

 To become a good healer, firstly we should have a good command over healing techniques. A regular meditation and diet control is required for a good healer. Also to master the skills, one should also learn about the body mechanism, basic anatomy and physiology which help in a better understanding of any physical problem.

Q.14 What is your advice for a beginner ?

 My advice for beginners would be to have trust and faith in self and divine energy.

Q.15 What is your mantra in life?

 Keeping good thoughts, feelings and intentions for the highest and best good is the key mantra to life.

Q.16 Who is your inspiration and role model?

 since I learned multi healing modalities so I admire lot of beings. Archangels are a source of unconditional love, mother kwanyin is a motherly affection, lord budhha is a protector, lord shiva for divine connection and last but not the least the great creator. I will be always in gratitude for their love and guidance.

Q.17 Why predictions are not 100 percent accurate?

 Mostly people expect 100% true and accurate predictions but it's not possible. Accuracy of predictions can be maximum to 90% depending on occultist perfection, knowledge and your own faith.There will be always a scope of 10% or more error because of few reasons:-

  1. Occultist people are humans not god, so human error.
  2. God is supreme force who has ultimate powers to change your destiny.
  3. Time changes so the planets that effect us.
  4. Your good and bad deeds effect your future, it's all tit for tat universal rule.
  5. Your faith in yourself, as karmas are over and above destiny..

Why most of the people believe tarot is associated with black magic and evil ?

Tarot is a very old future prediction tool but in european countries it gained a lot of importance in 18th and 19th century. mostly people related to it as it was easy, learned and practiced it for divination and spirituality. so the growing popularity caused insecurities among religious leaders. therefore it was d...eclared forbidden, evil , black magic etc and people were forced to give up. Thus , tarot got misunderstood. but end of the day it has still survived and practiced by so many people either privately or publicly coz the fact is that everybody has sixth sense-intuitions which are effectively channelled through tarot.


So...please drop any doubts and negative thoughts about tarot ?

Q.18 Why Do We Repeat Patterns in Our Lives?

 Are You Creating The Stage of Negative Energy in Your Life?Why Do We Repeat Patterns In Our Lives?

1. Patterns have been handed down to us from our parents who may have learned those negative traits from their parents and so on. An example is stereo-typing and judging people for the color of their skin or religious beliefs.


2. We don’t know an...y better. We may attract situations and people in our lives because we manifest them through our vibrations and actions. An example is someone who attracts an abuser because they grew up in an abused household or has self-abusive patterns.


3. We feel like our patterns are “safe” and give us an “identity.” When you have a particular pattern that replicates, such as an illness, trauma or depression, you feel like you have something in common with others who may be experiencing similar situations. Commiserating is a form of bonding. An example is someone who constantly talks about their disease and how it makes them feel, thus gathering a sympathetic audience wherever they go.


4. Our patterns are inherently coded in our DNA. Every experience, trauma, emotion, feeling, memory and fear is stored within your body’s DNA and replicates automatically. This means that if we carry negative experiences and think about them over and over, our body goes through that experience again and again. Most people are unaware that they have these underlying trains of thought that runs their life.


5. Patterns serve as a necessary means to help our soul evolve. That means, we have an opportunity to look at situations and heal them so that we can move forward from the past. An example is a person who attracts theft into their life. At some point, that person may begin changing that pattern by moving, locking their stuff up more securely, and having a more commanding presence in their lives.

Q.19 Why do we need to cut past connections ?

 Cutting connections with anything that hurts you ...

Its very important to know things or people that hurt you such that you are not able to move on in your life. Then try chord cutting meditation yourself or with the help of healer. It works wonderfully. In no time you will feel better and detached. Specifically helpful in drastic sadistic moments.

Q.20What are the signs that you had a past life ?

Signs that you had past lives:-

  • Dreams seem to be true.
  • new places n people seem to be familiar.
  • soulmate near & dear ones with whom you have pure relationship
  • certain cultures, religion, subjects, likes, dislikes you get attracted to.
  • unexplained phobias


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